SUPER BLUE - Anti-marking system


Anti-marking systems for Transfer cylinders offset presses

We stood at the beginning of the use of SUPER BLUE systems in the Czech Republic in 1995. For many years our company has been providing sales, consultancy, production of guide drums and complete service of the SUPER BLUE system for almost all types and types of printing machines including Czech production.
The SUPER BLUE coating and mesh system effectively prevents smudging and removes static electricity from the print area. Used on HEIDELBERG, ROLAND, ADAST and MITSUBISHISI, KBA and other printing machines

SUPER BLUE the coating and mesh system effectively prevents marking in the print area

Anti-marking system SUPER BLUE 2 contains:
  • special base material of black color, characterized by very low friction resistance (about half than the original S.B.) and electrical conductivity
  • mesh with conductive fibers impregnated with color and water repellant with the mesh attachment system to the base material
System principle SUPER BLUE 2:
  • When the printed sheet is in contact with the transfer roller surface, the SUPER BLUE mesh moves along with the sheet along the sliding backing material and prevents wet print smudging
  • Conductive fibers divert static electricity from the sheet surface
By purchasing the SUPER BLUE 2 system you get:
  • Significant reduction in print smudge on Transfer rollers and unloading rollers. Machine reduction in the amount of mockups. Increase printing time on the machine by approximately 30 minutes per shift by eliminating the need to clean transfer rollers. Remove static problemsSaving on less paper, paint, detergent
Anti-marking system SUPER BLUE 2LT
  • new product from the SUPER BLUE series (for the first time in our country in 2005/6 - now (2009) already empirically verified and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!)
  • the interchangeable net is firmly connected to the sliding pad according to the format of the printing machines. Since installation kits are not required, the initial purchase cost of the system is significantly lower
  • Up to twice the service life of the SUPER BLUE 2 (empirically proven) Quick and easy replacement

Are you take interest for Anti-marking system SUPER BLUE 2 or SUPER BLUE Nets and or for SUPER BLUE 2 LT

send us your inquiry specifying your printing machine and the cylinder (s) on which you wish to place the system