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Automatic assembling station


Based on the customer's request and order, at the beginning of 2021 we developed, constructed, manufactured and installed an original production machine performing the assembly of paper boxes, where plastic lids are glued into a laminated paper envelope.

Digital manufacture of folded packs

digital print, digital creasing and die-cut, folding and gluing

In early 2020, the largest companies in the digital printing industry participate in the takeover battle: Xerox vs. HP.
There are different perspectives on how this possible takeover will be manifested. One thing is certain, however, if the two largest digital device manufacturers in the printing industry internally focus on ownership control, the end user is likely to suffer the most.
Profits in the printing industry in 2019 told an interesting story. Large printers are trying to stay profitable. On the other hand, small printers are increasing profits. In the third quarter of 2019, pre-tax profits for large printers fell to negative -5.33% of revenue. However, for small printers, pre-tax profit increased from 6.74% in the second quarter to 9.70% in the third quarter.
The potential of inkjet printers has been a discussion for many years. How many conferences have been held as an "Ink DRUPA?" But by entering 2020, the potential of inkjet printers is finally manifested, creating exciting opportunities for the printing industry as a whole.
Ink solutions are developed across a wide range of segments and applications. We are very excited about the low cost of single pass packaging solutions for corrugated, folding cartons (from our ELAN 500HD) and flexible materials (ColorPrint) as well as for labels (NL 300x and ColorPrint) and mailing and addressing applications (ELAN 400HD).
The enhanced role of inkjet digital printing translates into a more positive sustainability report. Printers and end-user customers experience reduced waste from minimizing plate preparation and manufacturing processes. Further waste reduction comes from overprinting or outdated materials, not to mention the time, cost, energy and distribution savings that result from digital printing of the right materials at the right time at the right places.
No matter what role your organization plays in the printing industry, these trends will affect you. Take digital inkjet technology in your business in 2020 and stay ahead of the competition.