IONIX - Static Eliminators

IONIX - Static Eliminators - for sheet feeders

It is designed to eliminate static paper electricity in sheet feeders with air separation of sheets (by blowing) on printing machines, folding machines, collators and bookbinding lines.

Anyone can install an IONIX STATIC ELIMINATOR in less than 10 minutes on any air supply. By simply cutting the hose between the compressor and the sheet loader blower, inserting the Ionix Static Eliminator between the resulting ends and securing the hoses with the clamps, the installation is complete

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IONIX - Static Eliminators - for plastic manufacture

Choosing the right model

Ionix PL300 is designed for applications up to 0.35 MPa (3.5bar = 3.5 atm)
Ionix HPPL300 is designed for applications up to 1,035 MPa (10,35bar = 10,35 atm)

Plastics - Thermoforming, rotary molding, blow molding, injection molding, foaming, and Ionix plastic production installed at the compressed air outlet provide easier and faster cleaning. Install one Ionix per hose.

Plastics - Injection Molding - Ionix installed on the compressed air supply mold to eject small or light parts from the mold.

Plastics - rubber, resins and others - their dyeing and mixing - Ionix installed to supply compressed air to the aerator eliminates uneven mixing of dye and rubber and pigment accumulation during the loading process.

Plastics - rotary casting - blowing inside mold before inserting rubber or resin - Ionix treats it before uneven dye stratification and change and color swirl. Ionix used in the blowing of finished products releases statically charged particles inside the manufactured products which cannot be removed by normal blowing.

Fiberglass and composite - demoulding - Ionix installed on the air supply to the mold eliminates the static charge generated during the demolding process. Ionix prevents the ignition of released dangerous agents.

Plastics in advertising - Ionix installed on a compressed air line for blowing plastic surfaces eliminates the charge of static electricity before painting.

IONIX - Static Eliminator - for product finishers

Using a static eliminator has 2 significant benefits to finishers.

First, using a static eliminator during blow off prior to painting eliminates static charges on surfaces that attract airborne particles which cause fisheyes and blemishes. There is no static electricity charges on the surface to attract dust when blown off with Ionix.

Secondly, using a static eliminator allows the operator to use less air pressure during the blow off process. This reduces the amount of particulate suspended in the air that can settle onto work.

Ionix can be used in hand blow off operations or in automated finishing lines. Ionix is installed on a air hose not used for painting. Do not install Ionix on the same air hose used for painting! Use Ionix on a separate air hose for blowoff.

If you have trouble with static charge and interest to try our eliminators, contact us

Money back guarantee within 1 month after delivery despatch, if you find that the eliminators do not meet your production conditions