Thermography machines

Thermography - widespread worldwide, but somewhat neglected here. No innovation, but years of proven and proven technology that is experiencing its rebirth, mainly due to the great interest of customers.
Without exaggeration it can be said that thermography will satisfy even the most demanding customers, especially for the large offer of thermographic powders. Metallic, non-metallic, pearlescent, shiny, matt, laser, shimmering, etc. ...
The wet, non-adhesive (sticky) offset, flexo or book printing is coated with a polymer powder in the application machine, which is thermally polymerized. Only UV-treated UV powders, when the polymerization is complete and the heat does not melt the applied powder, can be used for further heat treatment or laser reprinting.
Thermography is most successfully applied to:
- business cards                 - brochures                           - business cards
- wedding cards                 - labels                                  - Christmas and New Year greeting cards
- postcards                         - gift wrappers                       - envelopes
- writing paper                    - soft book covers
- highlighting some of the elements on the printed publications

However, this may not always be an exclusive appearance, thermography can be applied for purely practical reasons to create anti-slip surfaces for packaging and boxes for easier gripping, or as a security feature for meal vouchers and tickets against widespread counterfeiting on photocopiers.
If you are in doubt about the use of thermographic technology in practice, ask your designers, artists and designers what they ...
Grades of powder
The powder is crushed (ground) to exact standards. The higher the powder number, the finer the grain. Powder particle sizes and suitability for use below.
line strength 6-14 points grain 618
line strength 11-30 points grain 614
line strength 27-42 points grain 611
line strength 36-72 points grain size 609
special Braille size 607 and other spec.
Puff special embossed effects

Taking into account the varying grain size of the powders, the printer must be aware that the quality of work will vary according to the use of different originals with respect to line strength. If the document contains multiple types of lines, the printer must choose the appropriate compromise. The granularity of the 611 or 609 powder used with the 8 point font will overflow the edges and fill the letter blanks as if using too much heat. When using uppercase powder 614 such as point 24 of the bold type, the dimpled work will be similar to having been done without sufficient temperature.

Thermographer S-6 a S-12

sheets hand feed  A6 - A3

Thermography machines HP-12, HP-15 a HP20

the input conveyor is inserted into the sheet-fed delivery machine
automatic thermography processing for sheets A6 to B3

Thermography machines SE-20, SE-30 a SE-40

the input conveyor is inserted into the sheet-fed delivery machine
automatic thermography processing

SE Series large format thermographic machines are available in 20", 30" and 40" (  500,  760 and 1016 mm) widths. The SE series of thermographic machines is currently the most versatile device in its category in the world.
If you are using a large format and appreciate high productivity, long life and maximum energy savings, we are confident that you will be satisfied

Exclusive features included:
  • Three independently electronically controlled dual zone heat zones.
  • Loading conveyor controlled independently of the heating and cooling conveyors using two DC motors.
  • Durable drive system based on toothed wedge drives, drive chain and self-aligning external mounted bearings for easy access.
  • High performance double cage cooling.
  • Vacuum hold section of cooled sheets to increase cooling efficiency and reduce sheet curl.
  • The cooling section is height adjustable in many positions.
  • Self-cleaning sieve conveyor in cooling and heating section.
  • Adjustable height of the heating section in many positions.