Perfect Jackets

LMC PERFECT JACKETS for Impression and Transfer cylinders of offset presses

LMC Perfeckt Jackets

Premium coating

These robust steel jackets are topped with a 'Liquid Metal Coating' (LMC) on ceramic base for optimum ink repellency and durability.

Extensive specification

A complete range of tolerances are available to meet the requirements and specifications of almost every perfecting press make and model.

Extreme Durability

Registered LMC Jackets are guaranteed for 36 million impressions. This is supported by a high resistance to solvents and heat (up to 700°C).

To ensure optimum performance please clean LMC Jackets manually with a suitable wash at least once per shift. Then wipe clean with a damp non abrasive cloth. Avoid using excessive pressure and do not use any kind of tool (e.g. metal or plastic ink knife). Such action may damage the surface and performance of the LMC Jacket. Manual cleaning may be required in addition to any auto wash system.

Use only Fogra approved chemical solutions. If other chemical solutions are to be used on LMC Jackets then ensure that they have a flash point above 55ºC and contain no acetone. In addition they should contain less than 1% aromatic compounds and contain no solid particles. Chemical solutions should have a pH value between 5.0 to 9.0 Ink should never be allowed to dry on to the surface of the jacket.

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