PACK MOVERs - sheets pile counters

Sheet counters PACK MOVER

PACK MOVER allows sheet counting directly from the stack, eliminating the problem of loading / unloading typical of traditional cunters. The input stack is automatically aligned with the counting head. This is the latest development of the PROTEC series, which physically counts the sheets one by one with the versatility, accuracy and reliability of the ADR 32 laser-optical system.

All PACK MOVERS count directly from the stack and collect the counted sheets and place them on the conveyor. In line applications, they can automatically feed for subsequent cutting, binding and packaging, or perform other tasks such as optical verification, sliding the front and back covers, saddle stitching, or foil wrapping, or re-stack the pallet with offset reams.
It is the ideal solution for those who need to count and dispense a large number of sheets to be processed, finished and packaged.

PACK MOVER - pile - ream - pile - sheets up to 70 x 100 cm

THE INNOVATIVE SOLUTION FOR SHEETS COUNTING AUTOMATION OF PILES OF SECURITY AND CURRENCY SHEETS - up to a 2400 sheets/min - from 70 to 300 gsm for paper, cardboard and plastic sheets no scratch and no curl technology

PACK MOVER pile - ream - sheets size A4 / A3+

PACK MOVER A3+ is equipped with a counting station and a preloading platform working without machine stop. Programmed by few touches on the graphical touch screen panel, the pile is loaded onto the motorized pre-loading platform with automatic level adjustment. As soon as counting ends it is possible to accept the pre-loaded pile. Finally, the packs counted by the ADR 32 head are placed on the outfeed conveyor by a grippers system. For a perfect integration of the machine in line, the inlet level and packs outlet level are coincident.


Machine working description. The pack of approx 12/15 cm sheets freshly jogged and cut into the guillotine is moved by the operator on the blowing inlet platform of PACK MOVER LP. The displacement is done easily on blowing surfaces at the same level.
The loaded platform rises automatically to the counting head and the counting starts. Upon reaching the programmed number of sheets the counted pack is drawn on the folding platform.
The folded pack is laid on the output surface by a set of grippers.
The delivery on outlet stacker is optional.