Digital manufacture of folded boxes

Digital manufacture of folded boxes

In an effort to provide our customers and partners with full technical support in addressing their production needs and requirements, we are again coming to the printing market with novelty.

New multifunctional system for digital printing, digital creasing and die cutting and unique line with patented system of easy set-up of operations for folding, gluing and finishing of folding boxes, envelopes, document folders or even covers, including the possibility of inserting products into such covers

Digital color press DELPHAX ELAN 500 HD

C,M,Y,K printing speed    up to 500 A4 / min duplex / 3,7 mil A4 per month 70% utilization

Resolution                         1600 x 1375 dpi při 700 mm / s

Sheet Size                         max. 457 mm x 660 mm include SRA2

                                           min. 203,2 mm x 203,2 mm

Weight                               75 - 350 g/m2 simplex (option 1,5 mm)

                                           75 - 240 g/m2 duplex

Digital creasing and Laser Die-Cut PETRATTO ECLIPSE

  • Max. sheet size: 780 x 520 mm
  • Thickness: min. 0,10 - max. 0,8 mm
  • Code reader automatic job exchange
  • Capacity depending to design and substrate: 200 up to 3 500 sheets / hour
  • Laser die-cut tolerance: ± 0.1 / 0.2 mm
  • Substrates: paper / card board / plastic

Lines for folding and gluing of folded boxes METRO 78/105

The manufacturer, PETRATTO, has developed this METRO multifunctional system and holds many patent rights against others who, while copying the idea and producing similar systems, have failed to understand the basic philosophy of this unique multifunctional system, which is oriented to easy and simple order preparation and service.