Digital perforation - flexibile package

LasX LaserSharp LPM - flexible package

Downweb Laser Modules (LDM) Direct precision perforation for easy opening functions in flexible packaging films. The Downweb Laser Module (LDM) is ideal for laser spotting, laser perforation, cutting and perforation of rolled or shipping materials such as flexible sheets, aluminum sheets and paper sheets. The LDM's selective scoring capability allows the package to open easily while retaining the barrier properties of the package.
• LPM: The basic laser processing module uses a controlled beam across a large field of view to create large patterns for a hybrid and unlimited downward processing.
• LPM dm: Dual mode LPM engines offer crossweb processing in smaller field of view, complete with superior drilling and punching capabilities at higher speeds for controlled throughput.
• LPM flex: Flexible FOV LPM allows processing in two or more fields of view to increase manufacturing flexibility.
Integrated auto focus ensures the laser beam accurately focuses on the surface of the material. Processing areas from 140 × 140 mm to 500 × 500 mm are available.
• LPM xd: Enhanced extreme drilling capabilities in this LPM are optimized for the most accurate drill holes with an ideal size of less than 100μm at the highest production speed.