Sheet Counter - ADR 32 up to size 70x100 cm

PROTEC ADR 32 St with air table 70 x 100 cm

The PROTEC ADR 32 ST series includes the following models:
- "PROTEC ADR 32 ST L" counting between 40 and 300 g / m2
- "PROTEC ADR 32 ST H" counting from 200 to 800 g / m2
- "PROTEC ADR 32 ST W" counting from 40 to 800 g / m2
is a sheet counting machine from B.MATIC's new PROTEC ADR 32 sheet counting machine, which counts one sheet at a time and offers 200% higher counting performance compared to the original PROTEC CT counting line. One of the main distinguishing features of PROTEC counters is that they count from top to bottom so that the top sheets of the count can be easily removed in the count. The operator's work is therefore much easier than when the counting head is moved from bottom to top.
The ADR 32 St can count sheets of paper or plastics from 40 to 800 g / m2 = μm and achieves speeds of up to 3,000 sheets per minute while firing separator tapes thanks to the revolutionary mechanical core and the latest generation of fiber optic electronics. For sheet sizes smaller than A5, the counting speed may decrease.


PROTEC ADR 32 TWIN HEAD is the sheets counter of PROTEC line equipped with two counting heads with ADR 32 high performance technology.

PROTEC TWIN HEAD ADR 32 can count on a single head or on two heads simultaneously and counts without corner deformation nor scratches. The counting is done from top downwards

Suitable for quantity control applications and for reams splitting into packs.

Typical applications:

  • Security printing
  • High security applications
  • Plastic sheets counting.